Daub Backtechnik GmbH

Heykenauweg 1
22147 Hamburg


Telefon: 040-54 76 9-0
Telefax: 040-54 76 9-166
Email: info@daub.de
Internet: Zur Homepage

Branche(n): Maschinen, Bäckereimaschinen,

Daub - Engineering art with tradition

Daub Backtechnik GmbH, from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg is a modern company, aware of its tradition with a distinct sense for quality and cost-efficiency.

This is a solid basis for a company considered to be a worldwide leader in thermo-oil technology.

Daub ovens operate around the globe in craft bakeries as well as in industrial baking companies. 
They are hard-wearing and reliable, easy to operate and economical in terms of energy consumption. 
Their gentle heat transfer by radiation allows a precise control of crust features’ and moisture content inside the baked goods.

It does not matter whether the products are baked in a deck, rack or tunnel oven by Daub or whether they are baked on wire belts, hinged plates or natural stone - the baking result is always extraordinary.


Daub Backtechnik GmbH
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